The Music of First Church Boston


Boston has long been known for its important role in the modern harpsichord revival.
We continue this revival with a series of Thursday harpsichord recitals.

Under the direction of Scott Parkman, American Century Music is dedicated to performing the works of 20th-century American composers.

Boston Opera Collaborative is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging artists — including singers, directors, conductors, and theater technicians — to bridge the gap between higher education and a career in the arts.

This series features a diversity of up-and-coming performers from Boston and beyond.

All concerts presented by First Church in Boston are supported by the
Collins Family Memorial Fund.

These concerts received their inspiration from Rev. L. Wilkie Collins, a minister in the North Georgia Methodist Episcopal Conference. As a young man, he had chosen the ministry rather than piano performance. Within his larger family were professional musicians, but all shared his love for the art which this concert symbolizes. When visiting Boston, Dr. Collins (Senior) was invited to participate in Church services. He was known to say then that “he felt completely at home in the historic First Church in Boston.”

During Leo W. Collins, Jr.’s term as the Director of Music of First Church in Boston, the director’s contract read that “the music budget of the Church will provide only for the regular services of the Church; additional programs of music must be underwritten by outside funds.” Upon his retirement, Collins family members far and wide collected an initial amount to make “additional programs” possible. These funds were enlarged by other First Church Boston music loving Members & other Bostonians.

Please consider making a donation today. Help us keep concerts alive and well at First Church. Our concerts are a ministerial outreach of First Church for the community and for the church’s membership. For information on donating, please click here to contact us.

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