The Music of First Church Boston


Noondays at First Church

Overview of First Church Concerts

First Church Boston’s Varied Thursdays

Four Harpsichord Concerts at First Church

Teeters’s Fine Voice Served Words of Women

Royalty Reigns with Teeters

Lunchtime Respite: Harpsichord at First Church

Harpsichord at First Church in December

Bach-to-Bach Works

Enigmatic Legacy: Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

Harpsichord Concerts for Lunch

Unusual Arrangement by String Quartet, Harpsichord Effective in Bach Concerto

Refurbishment of First Church Harpsichord Celebrated with Cienniwa Recital

Three Generations of Harpsichord Music in Authentic Tuning at First Church

First Church series Features Appealing Harpsichord Program from Sheikov

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